A Bella Day is A Beautiful Day!


Pottery Painting & Art Studio

Sarah & Katelyn A.
​What a lovely response to my message. Thank you for offering the ability to create another special plate. We would love to come back & try again. I will also bring our Girl's Love plate in when we get a chance. Please take care and may God continue to bless you & Bella Pottery above & beyond.

Yvonne S.

​Thank you so much for the great experience for my daughter and the thoughtful gift. Bella Pottery has met our expectations and the girls had a fantastic time. I look forward to visiting your store again for future pottery painting. I will definitely recommend Bella Pottery to my friends.

Shea C.

​Thank you for your kind email. Very thoughtful! We greatly enjoyed ourselves and your staff singing Happy Birthday to our friend Ashley was a sweet touch. I'm looking forward to picking up my Sunflower Plate and to returning to paint again. Take care!

Matina C.

​Hello! It was very nice to meet you today! I suddenly felt quite rude because I always get your "thank you" emails after each visit but I never thought to actually "thank you" back. Bella Pottery ranks very high on our family's list of "awesome ways to spend an afternoon!" In fact both of our kids always chose Bella over "that other pottery place in Huntersville". Honestly, at first I found it odd because "they" have a much larger selection of items, a lot of space and a friendly staff. After many visits to Bella though, I came to appreciate what our 11 and 9 year old figured out from the start: it's just something in the air, something in the extra help and care we get from your excellent staff, the feel of ease and relaxation that make your studio special and inviting. I don't  know what magic dust you sprinkle in there everyday but I sure hope you have an endless supply of it:)  So let me say a long overdue "Thank You" for all those fun filled afternoons and for the many more to come! We will see you soon!

Stephanie J.

Please know how much I appreciate Allyson and Lindsey! They have been so good to Riley these weeks at summer camp. Dwayne agrees it was the best fit for Riley and money well spent (and Dwayne and his money do not part ways easily). We so appreciate how kind and attentive they have been toward Riley. I feel my child is in a safe, creative environment and there is no price one can put on peace of mind. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Preetha & Jimmy

Hi, Thanks for your personal attention! It was our first time at your store and we really enjoyed it. Today we got our finished products and are super-thrilled with the results! We will be definitely be coming back. Also wanted to let you know that we bought 6 gift cards ($5 each) from your place and gave it as return gifts for our son's birthday. I am sure all of them would enjoy their experience at your place.

Sharon R.

I just wanted to take​ this opportunity to tell you about my visit to your store. We had company in from Tennessee and decided that painting some pottery would be a good way to commemorate their visit and make a memory. Our group included myself, my 13 year old daughter, a friend of ours and her 5 year old son, and another friend and her 8 year old autistic son Noah. Focusing long enough to complete this project was, to say the least, difficult for Noah but he settled in and was doing a great job when the unthinkable happened. Noah's roller skate fell off the table and broke. He was devastated. After some time we managed to redirect his attention to a new, smaller project and he finally settled in and completed that project. The girl working in your store that day was so kind and assured Noah that his roller skate could be fixed and, much to our surprise, Noah finished painting his broken roller skate. Our friends returned to Tennessee and a week later I came and picked up our treasures. Noah's roller skate was not ready as your employees were still working on the repairs. Two weeks later we were going to Tennessee and I called to see if Noah's roller skate was ready. As lick would have it the roller skate repairs were complete and is was in the cooling down stage. Your employee advised me that we could come by and pick it up and she would remove it from the kiln with an oven glove, and wrap it up in several layers of news papers as it was still quite hot. We came and picked up the roller skate. It had some voids in it, as some of it had just shattered, and the repair line was obvious but it was ready. We delivered the roller skate to Noah in Tennessee and i wish that your sweet, dedicated employees could have seen the delight in Noah's face when he saw it. Seeing his shattered project repaired and complete was a big thrill for him. He didn't notice the little voids that the putty could not repair or the lines where the pieces had been put back together, all he saw was the roller skate that he worked on so hard to make beautiful. Your employees went way above and beyond for a little autistic boy from Tennessee that they might not ever see again, and may I add they did it with kindness, joy of knowing they were making a big difference and big smiles. THAT is customer service. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all employees everywhere were like the employees at your store.